Hopefully the FBI & the Justice Department will not ignore the rest of the Fraud & Abuse players in this Multi Million Dollar scam called Homeowner Associations. These Associations are like hitting the mother load. It has allowed Greedy Attorneys and a few Biased Arbitrators to bleed a homeowner like a leach when they file a complaint against their Board & are FORCED into Arbitration. This is a "rigged" system known as NRS 38.300 which causes an Owner to lose 87% of the time and having to pay the few HOA attorneys who represent Association's and want-a bee "judges" known as Arbitrators' outrageously high fees usually each charging in the Thousands of Dollars to adjudicate simple disputes . Don't believe me, try it yourself and see what happens.

Lets us NOT forget the Collection companies who hit struggling owners, who fall behind in their Assessments, with THOUSANDS of Dollars in collection "fees" when only a small amount is actually due the HOA! The HOA does not get paid any faster or more than 9 times their monthly Assessment when a collection company is used. That's what the State Statute NRS 116.3116 allows. This is better than robbing a bank. It's all LEGAL at present. What a GREAT system, and this is NOT just here in Nevada, it is prevalent in many other parts of the US.

Did I mention the incompetent and corrupt managers who also like to steal from these associations. Just check the NRED web site for ALL the Disciplinary Hearings against CAMS for embezzling homeowner funds and allow corrupt Boards to run wild!

Homeowners NEED a Comprehensive Federal Bill of Rights to STOP these abuses. To date these requests have fallen on deaf ears when brought to the attention of our Congressmen and women.