Testimony Before the Legislature

 Over time NRS 116 has become more and more homeowner unfriendly by chipping away at the very foundation of our freedoms guaranteed by the US Constitution.  Below find testimony on HOA Legislation both unfriendly and friendly to owners. Read the testimony and find out how your rights as a homeowner living in an HOA are being impacted.

Jonathan Friedrich's Written Testimony on SB 174 - 2011 Legislative session  - Click Here

Senator Copening unfriendly homeowner bill.  

Bob Robey Testimony on SB 185 during the  2011 Legislative Sessision, Bob Robey's comments on Commissioner Favil West calling for fines against Homeowners.View Download

Jonathan Friedrich's written testimony on SB 243, 2011 Legislative session  View Download
   Another Senator Copening unfriendly homeowner bill. 

Senator Michael Schneider's  address to California Legislature in 2005 on HOW GREAT NRS 116 is for NEVEDA  - View Download

Senator Michael Schneider in 2011 complaining  HOW BAD NRS 116 is for NEVADA -http://www.lvrj.com/business/-why-hoas-don-t-work-state-senate-bill-introduced-117724443.html

Bob Robey Statement to the 2011 Legislature on the Magna Carta -  View Download