Summary List of 2011 HOA Legislative Bills

SB 30  Judiciary  Electronic Transfers Good Bill Passed Click here

 SB 89 McGinness Audits of Financial Records OK Passed  Click here

SB 165 Roberson Arbitrators Good Bill  DIED Click here

SB 174 Copening  21 Sections Omnibus Bill   Horrible Bill Portions of this Bill came back as SB ??? This too was defeated.     DIED Click here

SB 183 Schneider  Trash Can Bill   Bad Bill  DIED Click Here

SB 185 Schneider  32 Sections Omnibus Bill Died But parts survived    Click here

SB 194 Hardy Class Action Law Suits  Opting in or out  Passed  Click here

SB 195 Halsteth  Collection Fee  NEED TO LINK THIS

SB 200 Schneider  Time shares   Section  (neutral)  Click here

SB 204 Copening  56 Sections Omnibus Bill  MOST WAS HORRIBLE Passed  Click here

SB 222 Copening  Rights of Tenants to protect personal information   Good   Passed Click here

SB 243 Copening Collecton Fees  Collection Company Written Bill  HORRIBLE  DIED  Click here

SB 249 Parks Taxation on Common interest property  Neutral   Passed Click here

DELETE THIS  ---- SB 245 Parks  Protection for Elder Persons Passed Click here

DELETE THIS   ---- SB 307 HMMM  COPENING  ?????  Click here

SB 402 Judiciary This bill dealt with forclosure.  The Senator Copening at the last hour placed here poison pill SB 243 Collection in SB 402.  This entire bill was defeated because Senator Copening was putting Collection Company language, which had already been defeated into a good bill.   Click here 

You must read  Amendment No. CA17 Click here   Senator Copening must not remain a Senator.

SB 403 Judiciary  Information to be provided on Re-sale  Passed  Click here

AB 78 Judiciary DO HOA;s HAVE TO pay the fee?  I don't know. This needs follow up. This was a contencious bill the votes were close  Click here

DELETE THIS  ---- AB 122 Livermore  Wind Energy  Passed  Click here

AB 246 Stewart  Books and Records of HOA  Confidentiality Passed Click here

DELETE THIS ----  AB 257 Ellison OPEN MEETING LAW NRS 241 Passed  Click here

DELETE THIS ---   AB 271 Bustamonte Private Transfer Fee Passed  Click here

NEED COMMENTS AB 317 Segerblom  Arbitration with regards NRED  Passed  Click here

DELETE THIS  ---   AB 373  Destruction of forclosed property   Click here

AB 388 Orenschall   Trustee sale of Property  NEED TO GET INPUT ON THIS. Passed   Click here

KEEP THIS:   AB 389 Orenschall Apply the NEVADA OPEN MEETING LAW to HOAs  Failed Click here

AB 394 Orenschall clothes lines permitted in HOAs Failed   Click here

DELETE THIS ----  AB 432 PRISONS    Click here