Letters of Instruction Issued by NRED

Letters of  Instructions are a very important part of educating Board Members and Managers as to the proper way to conduct business.  It is our hope that the Nevada Real Estate Division will see this page as a way to improve Common-Interest Community Management and foster transparency.  The Nevada Real Estate Division has affirmed the right for everyone to see all Letters of Instruction.  READ this and read it to your Board.  These Letters of Instruction rendered by the Office of the Ombudsman APPLY TO ALL ASSOCIATIONS in the State of Nevada and must be followed.


You have the right to have any and all  NRED "LETTER(S) OF INSTRUCTION"  View Download

#1. John Leach Law firm - Improper Agenda - Leach Song LOI Agenda IS-11-2245 a.pdf

# 2.  No Board Meetings via e-mails -  View Download

 #3.  Improper meetings of the Board -  LOI NOV 5, 2008 RED.pdf 

 #4.   Three bids required.     3 Bids Required 4035_001_Redacted.pdf

 #5. Annual Meeting Violation.  Annual meeting violations 4033_001_Redacted.pdf

 #6. Candidate Disclosure.  Candidate Disclosures 4036_001_Redacted.pdf

 #7.  Enforcement of Non-existent Policy.  Enforcement of Non-existent policy 4034_001_Redacted.pdf

 #8.  Illegal Board Meeting.   Illegal Board meeting4032_001_Redacted.pdf

 #9.  You have the right to letters of Instruction. Letters of Instruction are Books and Records 4038_001_Redacted.pdf

#10. Removal of Officer.   LOI Removal of Officer 4031_001_Redacted.pdf

BELOW is LOI for Canyon Willow Pecos

#11.  Election ballots not handled by Board Member   Election irregularity LOI.pdf

#12. Agenda Item and Emergency Meeting Agenda Item and Emergency Meeting LOI.pdf