Michelle vs Terra West

  1. From: Michelle
    Date: Mon, Jan 2, 2012 at 4:26 PMSubject: Terra West H.O.A. (H.O.A. Hall of Shame)
    To: "desk@ktnv.com" <desk@ktnv.com>

    Dear Channel 13 H.O.A. Hall of Shame investigators,

    My husband and I have had more than our share of trouble from our H.O.A. "Terra West" but this last one is the most pathetic of them all.

    On a September 2010 morning, at 6:00am I was home alone getting ready for work. I was in the kitchen when all of a sudden I heard what sounded like gunfire at my front door. There is a long skinny window alongside of the door, (I had decorative vinyl covering the glass and you could not see through it) and I could see it starting to buckle towards the inside of the home.

    When the noise stopped for a few seconds, I ran for my phone and called 911. While doing this the noise started again and I could see a shadowed figure, through the window, right at the door.

    Finally 911 answered my call and dispatched units to my home immediately but by the time thier arrived the perpetrator(s) had gone.

    While filling out Police forms I called my husband and he came home. When all officers had gone, he called Rolladen Shutters and had them come to the house that afternoon.

    A couple of hours later we had ordered and purchased shutters for every window on the house that were installed about 3 weeks later.

    Here it comes: 11 (eleven) months later (after the installation) we received a letter from our H.O.A., Terra West, informming us that we had violated our ARC rules and asked that we submit a request to install the shutters on the home. So we did just that.

    We submitted all of the paperwork they sent us to fill out, a very detailed drawing of the home with all of the window locations and their sizes, color of the shutters, when they were installed, and everything else you have to do for approval.

    We thought this would have been the end of it with an approval, but nooooooooo, it was not. We received another letter stating that the shutters had to match the house. So we got out a camera and took pictures and sent them along with a 2nd request for approval.

    We thought this would heve been the end of it again, with an approval, but nooooooooo. it was not. We received another letter stating that the shutters did not match the color of the body of the house.

    Now here is the stupidity of it all. The windows installed in the house have the cross bars on them and they are lite beige, which is the trim color of the exterior of the house. Also, the trim on the front is raised stucco framing each window. So the shutters we installed are lite beige, the same color of the trim and the cross bars on the windows. The colors are original and make the lines of the house look very clean.

    Today, we sent them a 3rd ARC request.

    Now, I have looked at all of the homes within our housing tract and realized that other peoples homes have all sorts of different colors of sun screens to knock down the sun and heat in our harsh summer times. The colors range from Black, Charchoal, Dark Brown, Beige, and Lite Beige. Now obviously not all of these sun screens match any colors of several homes because there are no Black bodies or trim, Charchoal, Dark Broown, and others in different combinations. So how did so many people get approval for black sun screens, etc., and we can not get approval for a real improvment on our home?

    In regards to our 3rd ARC request we sent today I pointed this out to them and asked why other people got their approvals and why are they giving us so much grief with our shutters?

    Oh yes, I almost forgot. This last letter we received from them, they had mentioned that there had been a meeting in December and they want to fine us weekly untill we comply with their request !!!!!!!!

    This has been going on for 6 months now and we are getting very tired of all the stupidity of multiple letters, threats of fines, etc. and we have sent everything they have asked for many times over the last 6 months but they insist on dragging it on with nothing to back them up except for their limitless authority to harrass us over something that has no merit !!!!!!!!

    Do you think I may be able to speak to someone in your Dept. regarding this to see if you might be able to help us? Have you had any complaints against Terra West Management Services? If you have I would be very interested hearing about what other people have gone through with this H.O.A..

    Thank you for listening.