Comments on 5th HOA Corruption Conviction

Comments on 5th HOA Corruption Conviction (October 11, 2011 LV-RJ comment section)

   By Jonathan Friedrich


There is another aspect to all the problems that have been taking place in HOAs for many years. These abuses did not just spring up suddenly. There is a powerful lobby in this country that advocates laws that take rights away from homeowners and gives almost unlimited powers to the Boards that run these Associations in the United States. In Nevada there are just under 3000 Associations. Who are these people that influence our legislators to allow this abuse and fraud to exist. It’s the Management companies, Collection companies, HOA Attorneys  biased Arbitrators & Accountants. Many of these people have been abusing  & sucking the blood and guts out of decent homeowners like leaches for years.

In this past legislative session Assemblyman Harvey Munford sponsored a Bill, AB 448, that passed through the Assembly 42 to 0 in favor. Although the passage of this Bill was not in its original form it still would have returned many rights back and protections to owners. This Bill would have let the Sunshine In on many Boards that run a foul of the laws.

The problem was this Bill never got past a “gatekeeper” in the State Senate for a hearing in the Senate Judiciary for a vote.

We the champions for homeowners rights will be BACK in 2013. For more info on corruption go to